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Grand/ Big Tour

Grand/ Big Tour Grand/ Big Tour

The twenty-six kilometer Grand Circuit is an extension on the little circuit but taking in Preah Khan, Preah Neak Pean to the Eastern Mebon and the various monuments like Ta Som, Preah Rup. It is highly recommended for anyone spending three or more days in the complex. The Big Circuit encompasses a good representation of the rich variety of architecture here.

Banteay Srei. While some of the temples are impressive because of their sheer size, replica watches Banteay Srei stands alone in the quality of its construction and decoration. Its pink sandstone wall are decorated with what some consider to be the best carving of all and in an amazing state of preservation. Built in 967 and dedicated to Brahma it is located twenty five kilometers North of Angkor Wat.

- Time: 8.30am - 6pm
- Duration: 9hours 30mins
- Mode of Transportation: Tuk Tuk
- Number of people: up to 4 pax

Price: $35 per Tuk Tuk

Places of visit:

- Preah Khan
- Neak Pean
- Ta Som

- Pre Rup
- Banteay Srei

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USD35 (Up To 4 People By Tuk-Tuk) Book now